BETONIT – Setting the Standards

Betonit's range of tile installation products are known for being synonymous to quality. Despite the proliferation of low-quality low-priced tile adhesive and tile grout in the market today due to the absence of a product standard governing tile adhesive and tile grout at the Philippine Bureau of Product Standards, BPPI strictly maintains its product formulation that conforms to the requirements set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to meet and satisfy the rigid standards of its global and local clientele. Confirmed by a reputable and credible third-party testing institute and certification to attest to the consistent quality and superior performance of Betonit products sold in the market.


A good paint job starts with good surface preparation. Our latest products critical for your painting system: 
SKIM COAT for thin plastering
GYPSUM COMPOUND for jointing and repair of plasterboards