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About Us

The company has retained dealership of certain products. Owing to its experience and strength in sales and marketing, the company is the dealer and/or distributor of many foreign-made equipment and supplies for various industries.

Now on its 24th year, the company will continue to provide quality and value products by anticipating and innovating to serve the needs of the growing mining, tunneling, and construction industries. In 1983 the company was renamed Supra Systems (Phils) Incorporated. With the slowdown in mining activities in the 1980's due to depressed metal prices, the company focused on ground support systems in order to serve not only the depressed mining industry but the growing tunneling and construction industries in the country.

The company was organized in 1977 as Supra Process and Engineering Supplies, Inc. Its product line consisted of steel fabrication and foundry products for the mining industry. It was also a major distributor of various equipment and supplies for the milling and process industries.

The company started manufacturing Cemextra grout capsules in 1983 and now it is the recognized leader in rockbolting systems. All underground mining companies and most tunneling projects in the Philippines have used the system. Since then the Cemextra factory has been expanded to manufacture related products such as shotcreting admixtures, cement additives, grouting compounds, tile adhesives, etc.

Its design and engineering capabilities and steel fabrication facilities were re-oriented towards steel products for tunneling and ground support systems such as rockbolts, rock anchors, steel sets, concrete forms, tunnel lining, etc.